The reason why we are here........... is to FUCK UP!

fucking up is a way of changing your surroundings and freeing yourself and others from expectation or what else you could have in mind. fucking up the map. Fucking up your neighboorhood, make it a happier place.

fucking Up means risk and adventure. Its a reaction of a cause, that we at times might not even be able to express.

Art, is fucking up because I didnt think of buying anything whilst making it. You didnt watch television whilst you experienced it. I dont really know what fucking up would mean to someone else and art is offcourse not the only way of doing it. what ever fucking up means to you. Fuck up -in a liberating way.

Fucking up is a persuit towards anti-capitalism. Fucking up is FUN!

Watch the witches bitches!

hey check it out. Edited this vid together with Bloody kev, for his wicked band Regimes from Deptford. The video is inspired by Chaos Magick co-founder Peter J. Caroll from Deptford. All footage is local.


produced by; Captain Cat, Killer Sailor and Ulla the Slave. (please stop calling me that....<3)